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26/30 kids scored 87 in 2022 maths KCPE at Isiolo school with odd Science results

An Isiolo School that has left many puzzled due to its scores in the KCPE science paper also posted high scores in the mathematics paper in the previous KCPE exams.

According to philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro who runs an academic sponsorship program known as Affecto, the school had 26 out of 30 candidates in the 2022 exam score an impressive 83% score in the mathematics paper.

Nyoro shared a photo with a breakdown of the alleged results. “It was okay for all learners to score 75% in Science, says KNEC. The same school had 28/32 learners score 83% in mathematics in KCPE 2022,” remarked Mr. Nyoro.

A check on the results shared by Nyoro showed the total number of candidates was 30 with 26 getting 87 in maths and four getting 85 per cent.

26/30 kids scored 87 in 2022 maths KCPE at Isiolo school with odd Science results
The Brainstar Schools Isiolo results that were shared by philanthropist and academic sponsor Ndungu Nyoro.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has however come out to state that the science results that have since gone viral are genuine.

In a statement on Saturday, November 25, 2023 KNEC Chief Executive Officer David Njengere said that following investigations and a report from the examination centers, the candidates’ results are accurate and genuine.

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“KNEC has reviewed the results for the school and all the reports that were received from the examination centers and anonymous letters and has not found any indication that the school was involved in examination malpractices. Science is a multiple-choice question paper, thus making it possible for the candidates to get identical marks,” said Njegere.

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