Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kenyan who scored D in KCSE now earning Sh. 227,000 salary as US Navy

Jackson Maina is a Kenyan national based in the United States, working in the US Navy.

Jack runs a Tiktok account where he offers advice to Kenyans looking to migrate to the US, inspirational messages and tips on increasing their chances of winning a green card.

In a recent video, Jackson Maina revealed that he earns a salary of Sh. 227,000 ($1,900). To many Kenyans, earning similar figures as he does would be a dream come true.

But Jack acknowledges that he owes his success in the US to divine grace. He also adds that he earns a modest salary, as sometimes he fails to pay rent.

In addition to struggling to pay rent, Jack admits he has also gone without meals. His approach is to focus on living day by day.

Jack immigrated to the US in 2021 in search of greener pastures. Life in Kenya was tougher for him since he had to work odd jobs that weren’t paying him adequately.

Some jobs included the Kazi Mtaani programme during the Uhuru regime, a construction worker by day, watchman by night and a Colgate hawker.

Jackson Maina scored a D plain in his KCSE examinations. He did his KCPE twice, the first in 2012, scoring 243 and over 300 marks consecutively.

Jack, with a resilient mindset, believes that life has not set out to harm him. He wants to rule his life with an iron fist and be the author of the inspirational life he’ll lead.

Jack encourages Kenyans who have a similar narrative to his not to give up in life. They need to keep working hard and be hawk-eyed on opportunities no matter how small they are.

 Jackson Maina: From watchman in Samburu to serving in the US Navy

“No matter how much you’ve made a wrong decision in life, there is always a way to comeback,” he notes.

Jack also encourages people to get an education, even if they had failed their Kenyan national exams.

“Education is one of the keys to success. Hakuna venye ninaweza dhalilisha masomo. But that doesn’t mean that it is the only way to make good of our destinies,” he advises.

“Your current situation is not your final destination…mti kukatwa haimaanishi utakauka; utachipuka tena,” he concludes.

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