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Man who worked as Samburu watchman finally buys car after 2 years in US

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Kenyan national Jackson Maina, now living in the United States, recently achieved a milestone by purchasing a car after two years in America.

Jackson broke the internet in 2022 after a video of him singing a gospel song while wearing a US Navy uniform went viral.

Jackson is among the lucky Kenyans who won green cards, allowing him to relocate to the Western country permanently. His life in Kenya was vastly different from what he experiences now.

In Kenya, Jackson did various menial jobs like working as a bar attendant, selling Colgate, and being a watchman in Samburu.

His life in the US has transformed unlike his previous struggles, and he recently purchased a new Toyota Corolla 2020 model.

Jackson shared a glimpse of his new car, expressing his joy at finally purchasing it after 2 years since moving abroad. While it takes a couple of months to buy a car in America, for Jackson, the process took longer, but it was worth the wait.

“It took me two years in America to get myself a car, to see myself on the wheel. It’s a very fantastic feeling, I thank God for that,” he remarked with an ear-to-ear smile.

Jackson pointed out the differences between buying a car in the US and in Kenya. In the US, it’s considered a basic necessity, while in Kenya, it’s often seen as a luxury especially due to the running expenses tied to it.

The young man explained that he chose the car mainly because of the competitive retail price as compared to the 2024 Toyota Corolla. His vehicle reads 20,921 kilometres (13,000 miles) on the odometer.

Jackson did not reveal the price of his new vehicle. However, a quick search revealed that the vehicle’s starting price stood at Sh. 2.55 million ($19,600).

The vehicle is red in colour and features a white leather interior, giving it a modern and stylish look. Additionally, the Toyota Corolla has a sunroof.

Jackson Maina: From watchman in Samburu to serving in the US Navy

It comes equipped with advanced safety and driver assistance technology,  and a wide-screen infotainment system in the centre of the dashboard. The car has good fuel consumption.

Jackson advised people to try their luck at winning the green card. He noted that new immigrants in the US can buy a new car anywhere between 2 – 4 months after arrival.

“Buying a car is due to many reasons…Some people do not need a car. You may find a job that is close to your place,” he concluded.

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