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Man returns to plant operator job after winning Sh. 20 million Sportpesa jackpot

What would you do if you won Sh. 20 million from the Sportpesa Jackpot lottery? This simple question poses a straightforward dilemma for many Kenyans.

A business, perhaps; build a house or live a flashy lifestyle with the latest rides? Would you remain in employment?

Life will never remain the same for a humble plant operator from Athi River – Jackson Mutiso. He is the latest winner of the SportPesa Midweek Jackpot, which amounted to Sh. 20,892,489.

Co-Op post

Mutiso, an orphan, has joined the factory of millionaires Sportpesa has processed over the years after he predicted correctly 13 games in the Midweek Jackpot.

Despite his newfound millionaire status, Mutiso returned to his day job as a plant operator at Chloride Exide in Athiriver.

Even Sportpesa Care was taken aback by the unexpected choice; that the life-changing moment had done so little to change his love for his job.


Sportpesa paid Mutiso a visit at his job, to witness him in action going about his daily business. Clad in his work overalls and manoeuvring his earthmover, it was clear that the Jackpot had not swayed his love for the job.

“Mutiso plant operator is so humble design Sh. 20 million ilishareflect kwa account na ameingia job kawaida,” the betting platform captioned on their socials.

Man returns to plant operator job after winning Sh. 20 million Sportpesa jackpot


His employer and colleagues were amazed at Mutiso’s choice to return to work as many would have resigned immediately without giving it second thoughts.

Mutiso, a father of two, believes that as much as the Sh. 20 million provides financial security for him and his family, work is an essential part of his identity.

“By the time I received the phone call from SportPesa, I had already seen that the money had been reflected in my account,” he said.

“It was not the first time I was speaking to Sportpesa so I was very calm. All I can say is that my patience has finally paid off and I am grateful for this win,” he commented.

“I am in no rush to spend the money. In fact, I will put a huge chunk of it into a fixed account and as it matures I will see the best ways to make a better life for my family.”

Man returns to plant operator job after winning Sh. 20 million Sportpesa jackpot

During his cheque presentation, Mutiso shared insights into his betting strategy. He approaches it with careful analysis and a minimalist mentality.

He meticulously evaluated his options and made a single bet slip, deliberately avoiding any double-chance options. With a meagre Sh. 99, Jackson Mutiso was able to secure the title ‘millionaire’.

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“I never put double chance, I feel that my analysis is enough and because of that I only place one jackpot slip,” he said.

“I have been playing with SportPesa since 2016 and without a doubt, this is the biggest amount I have ever won. I’m glad that it is a company I can trust,” Mutiso added.

Mutiso reiterated the importance of responsible betting to all gamers. He said that he never bets with money from his salary. I urge everyone to continue playing with Sportpesa but to always remember to bet responsibly!” he concluded.

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