Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Jacque Maribe acquitted, Jowie found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani

Former Citizen TV presenter Jacque Maribe has been acquitted in the murder Monica Kimani. However, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has been found guilty of murdering the late Monica Kimani.

This is according to a judgement that was delivered on February 9, 2024 by High Court judge Justice Grace Nzioka .

In making her ruling, Justice Nzioka determined that Jowie stole an ID, armed himself with a gun, wore a kanzu, gained access and murdered Monica Kimani. “All this evidence leaves a strong conclusion that Irungu murdered Monica Kimani,” she said.

She further ruled that the prosecution had proved its case against Jowie beyond reasonable doubt.

“The person who killed the deceased did not intend to give her even one minute to survive. It is my considered opinion and finding that the perpetrator intended instant death,” Justice Nzioka stated.

Monica Kimani was murdered in Nairobi in 2028. Jacque Maribe was acquitted over what the court termed as lack of evidence.

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She was the second accused person in the case that has been ongoing for a period of about five years

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