Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Amount of money Jalang’o spent to win Lang’ata seat

Former radio presenter turned politician Jalang’o has won the Lang’ata parliamentary seat. He defeated former MP Nixon Korir.

As is wont to happen with political contests, financial muscle is a huge factor in fueling a campaign, paying agents and securing victory. This was not any different for Jalang’o. But how much did he spend?

Towards the final days of the campaigns, Jalang’o had revealed that he was aiming to spend up to Sh. 40 million in his bid to capture the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

“It is not about handouts or anything like that, but for a well-oiled campaign, it would easily cost about Sh. 30 million to Sh. 40 million so that you will be able to move into every single place and articulate your issues,” Jalang’o said.

He had added that he would use the Lang’ata seat campaigns money on expenditures such as like branding, movements and merchandise purchases

Jalang’o also explained that his friends and close allies had promised to fund his campaigns, adding that his main challenge in a bid to capture the seat was contesting against politicians who were aiming to spend even more than this.

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“I had my fundraiser in December 2021 in which a few friends put in a good amount of money for me to start my campaigns; and from time to time I have also had support from my constituency in Langa’ta,” he said.

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