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Jalang’o: Inside multi-million Nairobi and Siaya mansions owned by Lang’ata MP

We all know the familiar rags-to-riches story; we’ve seen and heard of them.

People that have worked hard and remained determined have managed to climb out of poverty and become part of the top cream of society.

Felix Odiwuor, stage alias Jalang’o, best fits the given description. Born and raised in Homabay, he inspires those who aspire to overcome poverty through resilience and hard work.

Jalang’o is a popular personality in Kenya, known for his diverse career spanning various sectors. Besides being the Lang’ata MP, he is a comedian, actor and events Emcee.

Jalang’o is also a well-known TV show host who owns Jalang’o TV, a highly rated Youtube channel. His stage name, “Jalang’o” or “Jalas,” originated from his appearance on the popular TV show Papa Shirandula, which was broadcasted on Citizen TV.

In this article, we shall take a look at Jalang’o’s multi-million houses in Nairobi and Siaya.

Jalango’s bungalow in Kisumu

Jalang’o recently completed the construction of an impressive residence in his rural hometown, Umalwe Village, where he spent his formative years.

Customary to Western Kenya and Nyanza regions traditions, the men are expected to construct a house to stay in when they visit their parents. The home is known as a ‘Simba’.

Jalas abided by this tradition but added a unique touch to the design of his home. His rural home now boasts a stunning ‘Simba’ that is a sight to behold.

Jalang'o: Inside multi-million Nairobi and Siaya mansions owned by Lang'ata MP

As per tradition, the house features 4 spacious bedrooms and a grand living room equipped with recliner seats and a coffee table.

An inside tour of the house left netizens mesmerized by the lighting and interior design. Starting from the main entrance, visitors are led to a massive living room adorned with high-end sofa sets, a dining table and exquisite chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Jalang'o: Inside multi-million Nairobi and Siaya mansions owned by Lang'ata MP

The ‘Simba’ also features spacious bedrooms, including a posh master bedroom with a washroom. The kitchen is equally stunning, with elegant countertops, cabinets and python black tiles.

Within the house, Jalas revealed that he has a secret room referred to as his ‘prayer room’.

The former Kiss 100 presenter took to social media to share his success with his fans, leaving many in awe of his accomplishments.

Jalang’o also used his success to encourage other Kenyan celebrities to think about investing in the future.

He noted that while spending all their money on material possessions may be tempting, planning for the long term and building something that will last is important.

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Jalango’s mansion in Nairobi.

In 2021, Jalang’o treated his fans to a glimpse of his Nairobi mansion on social media.

Jalang'o: Inside multi-million Nairobi and Siaya mansions owned by Lang'ata MP

Jalang’o proudly flexed his estate to his followers on social media, featuring a lush garden and a small farm. The stunning mansion in Nairobi is situated next to another equally majestic home.

Jalang’o’s Nairobi home is enough to earn him the title ‘Kiongoss’.

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