Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Janet Mbugua: I faced sex pests, got motherhood penalties at work

Former popular Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has opened up on how she faced unwanted sexual advances while at work. While speaking at a show on Radio Maisha sometime back, Ms. Mbugua also revealed that she was given motherhood penalties – in which the company makes you decide whether to lose your job or take care of your child. “Instead of creating an environment that says, someone will work on your shift,” she said.

Janet is the former wife to Eddie Ndichu who together with his twin brother Paul Ndichu was caught on video in October assaulting women who had rejected his sexual advances.

Janet Mbugua: My top Citizen Tv job ‘turned’ my son away from me

Ms. Mbugua added that during her days in media, interns approached her, saying how traumatized they were because of sexual harassment.

She also narrated how some of her colleagues and politicians approached her looking for sexual liaisons. At some point, she had to challenge the HR department.

“How many men have approached me or colleagues in media over the years, so many! Did I say yes, no. They were there, even when you’ve got kids but I just used to say point blank, don’t you know that I have a family. Don’t you think what you are doing and saying is so wrong. And it used to end. I think walikuwa wanaogopa. I used to speak with my kalow voice.”

She went on: “It’s a choice I just said even before I had a family I said if this person can give me all the money in the world, then they will look like my boy umefanya poa. What will happen to me when I enter a conference for women and I want to be a moderator or a panelist? There is no credibility I’ll have,” she said.

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