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Eunice Jepkirui: Important farming tips every poultry farmer should know

Eunice Jepkirui is a poultry farmer in Nakuru County who found success in farming after losing her job. Her farm specializes in the production of broiler chickens.

Through hard work and sheer determination, the farmer has been able to grow her flock from 200 chickens to 400 chickens and aims to get to 600 chickens.

According to her, succeeding in poultry farming requires more than passion as willingness to learn is vital.

She admitted to encountering various challenges during her initial years in farming, but she diligently sought out knowledge and implemented various strategies to refine her farming practices.

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“I did not know I was supposed to hang my feeders to curb spillage that led to wastage. It used to cost me a lot because food is expensive, and whenever there is spillage and wastage, it affects my budget,” she says.

By hanging the feeders and raising the drinkers to the level of the chickens, Jepkirui significantly reduced wastage, thereby maximizing her budget and increasing profitability.

The farmer also notes that selling her birds when the prices are up has also helped her increase profits.

She slaughters her chickens when they have reached the desired weight and stores the meat in freezers until when the market prices are favorable.

On keeping the birds health, Jepkirui says she vaccinates the chicks against Newcastle disease to prevent the spread of the deadly infection.

“I vaccinate the chicks after seven days against Newcastle disease. I vaccinate them again a week later to prevent the spread of diseases among them,” she noted

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