Thursday, February 29, 2024

Nairobi parents escort son to school for exams in Sh. 30 million luxury vehicles

With the national exam period just about to begin, one candidate named Jeremy has been the buzz in Nairobi after he was given an escort to school in prestigious vehicle models.

The family pulled three royal vehicles namely; a Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser and a black Hammer limousine, with each having A4 papers on the number plates captioned ‘Best wishes Jeremy.’

Many candidates would be extremely comfortable getting success cards with kind words of motivation and glitters. For Jeremy’s family, they surmised that perhaps a ride in expensive vehicles ought to have got him motivated.

The range rover is estimated to be worth over Sh. 10 million, the Toyota Land Cruiser over Sh. 12 million and the Hummer Limousine could cost above Sh. 8 million. A befitting success card?

Kenyans on Twitter shared their thoughts with the majority saying that Jeremy already has a nice life ahead of him, and even if he did not do well in the national exams, he is prosperous already.

One Twitter user quipped, “It’s not about Jeremy passing the exam but knowing he got back up. Very important for Jeremy.”

Another said, “Jeremy definitely doesn’t need to pass his exams. Bro only needs to finish the exams.”

What are your comments on Jeremy’s school sendoff?

Here is the video.

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