Thursday, November 30, 2023

Omosh: Help me again, well-wishers gave me less than Sh. 1 million

Popular actor Joseph Kinuthia Omosh has come out to beg for help. This is the second time that Omosh is pleading for help. According to a report that appeared in the media on Friday, Omosh says that well wishers have me less than Sh. 1 million which wasn’t adequate to get him off the ground.

Omosh had managed to gain public sympathy and help in kind and cash after he tearfully disclosed that he had run into financial struggles and was in rent arrears of Sh 100,000.

“People pledged money that I have never received. I got less than a million which I used to settle my debts,” he said in an interview with TV47.

Omosh said that as soon as the wave of sympathy ended, some of those who had promised help turned their attention elsewhere. Now he is back to his struggling days.

He added that he has changed his ways and even attends fellowship. Previously, he had been accused of being an alcoholic. “I attend fellowship on Wednesday and Thursday and this gives me the willpower to avoid drinking alcohol,” said Joseph Kinuthia Omosh.

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Omosh added that most people assume he is rich simply because he is in the limelight. “When you are famous, the fans think you are making a lot of money while in real sense you are making just enough,” he said.

Ironically, among the help he received was a piece of land that was immediately out under construction. Among those who came to his aid was comedian Jalang’o who helped raise over Sh. 1 million for the comedian within hours.

Omosh had gone public sharing how his life had taken a turn for the worse after the show he popularly featured on, Tahidi High, was terminated.

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