Fresh details on the murder of Mary Wambui Kori have emerged. According to a report that appeared in a local daily, preliminary investigations have indicated that Wambui’s husband, Joseph Kori, who is detained alongside his girlfriend, Judy Wangui, may have not have been at the murder scene.

It had earlier on been widely reported that Kori was at Wangui’s house where Wambui is suspected to have been murdered on January 26.

The police have also found out that Ms. Wambui’s body was not ferried from the house in her Mercedes Benz. Instead, her killers are said to have sought help from another motorist to ferry her body from Four Ways Junction estate on Kiambu Road to Juja, where it was found a day later.

“Detectives investigating the murder, which took place on January 26, Monday arrested a suspect who is believed to have ferried the body using a Toyota Noah, whose whereabouts police are yet to locate. Those privy to the ongoing investigation said the suspect, who might be produced before Kiambu Law Courts on Tuesday, or Wednesday, was lured into a police trap Monday afternoon,” says a report in the Daily Nation.

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The paper further says that multiple sources within the police indicated that with the arrest of the suspect linked to ferrying the body, detectives on the case may have made a major breakthrough that could help solve the murder mystery.

“The motorist, who recorded part of his statement last evening, according to police sources, drove to Ms Wangui’s residence around midnight using a Toyota Noah, a KCK registration number, the same night Ms Wambui was murdered. He left shortly after,” reports the Daily Nation.

“Tracking of his movements, police say, indicate that he went to Juja, where he left around 2am. Police believe he is among the people who ferried the body that was discovered a day later.”

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