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Detectives: How Judy Wangui had planned for Wambui Kori’s murder

Judy Wangui’s Case: A few months after the brutal murder of Nairobi businesswoman Wambui Kori, more shocking details have continued to emerge. Now, detectives who have been investigating the murder say that the killing did not happen out of the blue. Apparently, it had been articulately planned by the main suspect Judy Wangui. Ms. Wangui was the lover of Wambui Kori’s husband, Joseph Kori.

According to detectives, Ms. Wangui had been planning to revenge after what Joseph Kori broke up with her weeks to the murder. “That the first accused (Wangui) and the deceased’s husband (Kori) were in a love triangle as at the time of the murder, the first accused had parted ways with Joseph Kori Karue. The first accused was hence targeting him and his family,” detective Oliver Nabonwe said in a sworn affidavit that has been quoted in a report by the Daily Nation.

Apparently, Wangui had intended to kill Wambui Kori in order to get back at Joseph Kori, detectives suggested during the hearing of Judy Wangui’s case.

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The report further says that Wangui and Kori’s relationship had lasted for about two years. “According to sources, Mr. Kori met Ms. Wangui at a car wash point in Thindigua on Kiambu Road where she hawked snacks and rented her a two-bedroom, Sh. 60,000 a month apartment at Four Ways Junction. He also bought her a Mercedes Benz identical to his wife’s, and which is currently the subject of an ownership row after Mr.  Kori accused her of illegally transferring it to herself when they were both in custody. The detectives said they had further established that on January 25/26, Mr Wangui stalked Mr Kori’s family at their Safari Park estate home, but her intentions did not materialise on that day,” the report in the Daily Nation says.

Why Judy Wangui ‘killed’ Wambui Kori

The detectives have since turned Joseph Kori into a witness in the murder case. Ms. Wangui together with a car hire dealer known as Githae, have been charged with killing Ms. Wambui at Wangui’s residence at Four Ways Junction Estate on the Kiambu-Nairobi Road on January 26 this year. Ms. Wangui is accused of hitting Wambui on the head with a pressure cooker and then suffocating her while Mr. Githae is said to have aided in the disposing of the body which was found in a dam in Juja, near Courtesy Beach Resort.


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