Monday, September 25, 2023

Juliani: I am broke… but not your type of broke

Kenyan singer Juliani has been a target for cyber bullying since he got into a relationship with former Machakos Governor’s ex-partner Lillian Ng’ang’a.

The latest of these was a photo that has been circulating online comparing Juliani with Mutua who is now the foreign affairs cabinet secretary, and stating that Juliani is a broke singer.

The photo which went viral on social media appeared to suggest that Lillian should have stayed with Mutua who is wealthy instead of leaving to have a kid with the broke Juliani.

However, Lillian came out and stated that being with Juliani was the best decision she ever made.

In addition, Juliani came out to address claims that he is broke. According to the rapper, he might be broke but not in the senses of brokenness that those trolling him assume.

“I am broke but I am far from poor. You are calling me broke but I am not your kind of broke. Right now the reason I have to put the Paybill number is because you are calling me broke, but I am not your kind of broke,” Juliani said.

This came after Juliani made a post sarcastically pleading for help from people saying he’s broke in order to raise money for his kid’s diapers.  He later made a video addressing the situation he was in.

“I do not mind trolls. I actually find some of them funny. Jana (yesterday) when Kibe mentioned my child, I was like it’s funny but to me it was a little bit serious. When my child was born, I gave myself three to six months to just spend and soak in all this, help the mom and just be present as a dad to my second child,” Juliani said.

Multi-million empire Mutua, Lillian built and what he has repossessed

“But I couldn’t because earlier that month, I did an event called Nairobi start-up week. I put my money into it. I do not have sponsors or investors. So I am not able to spend time with my son right now because I am running around trying to pay debts and achieve some things I promised myself.”

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