Thursday, June 8, 2023

Jumia Kenya announces new packaging measures ahead of World Zero Waste Day

Jumia Kenya consumers will now receive their online orders in their original packaging from the manufacturer without any extra wrap from Jumia. This follows the company’s recent announcement, which aligns with its ESG strategy aimed at environmentally friendly activities in the countries it operates in.

“In line with our sustainability agenda, we will continue cutting down on waste created from the packaging material used to pack our customer orders. Our updated packaging guidelines will include zero use of carton boxes and cut down on unnecessary Jumia wraps”,

said Jumia Fulfilment Manager, Daisy Langa’t.

“Majority of the items ordered will be delivered with their original manufacturer packaging with just an Airway bill stuck on it”.

Items like clothes and apparel, shoes, TVs, Printers, Water Dispensers & Photocopiers will be delivered in the manufacturer’s original packaging with an Airway bill stuck on top instead of having additional Jumia branded packaging. Sensitive and personal items will still be packaged to conceal the item and maintain privacy.

Jumia Kenya targets 15% growth in rural areas in 2023

To reduce waste and environmental pollution, Jumia is prioritizing electronic records for data storage to eliminate the need for paper usage and disposal. In addition, the company reuses manufacturers’ packaging and recycles packaging from customers’ returns.

The Company announced ahead of World Zero Day celebrations held on 30th March. This new initiative is a testament to the company’s dedication to sustainability and its desire to create a better future for our planet.

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