How to Keep Customers Loyal

To keep customers loyal you should be at the top of every business owner’s marketing plan. The amount of time, money and effort that goes into retaining customers is much lower than finding and obtaining new clients.

Train your employees to always give the best customer service and make the best products. Always deliver a quality item using quality service to keep people coming back.

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Offer incentives for patronizing your business on a regular basis. These can include employing loyalty programs like punch cards or giving discounts every so often (e.g., getting 20% off on every fifth purchase). You could also offer discounted or free upgrades to your loyal customers.

Give your customers a reason to come back. Advertise a follow-up discount to your current customers. If they purchase something now, they’ll get a coupon to use on their next purchase from you.


How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Set up a referral program so that your existing customers will get a discount when they refer a new customer to you. This type of loyalty program is common in service businesses.

Provide a discount if customers purchase several of your products upfront. For example, you could provide a package of five massages for 20% off the normal price if they pay upfront.

This keeps them coming back and each time they enter your establishment, that’s an opportunity to make a new sale. Your client could end up purchasing retail products, upgrading to a more expensive massage or adding other spa services.

Encourage the trial of your other products by giving customers a sampling of new items for free. This works especially well in restaurants.

Start a newsletter or email club. Provide a discount to anyone who signs up and then offer exclusive coupons when you send out newsletters and emails.

Stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Sending out holiday cards, email blasts, direct mail, and even making personal phone calls can help you stay in their minds. This will encourage repeat business and give your customers a positive perception of you.

Get feedback from your customers. This will help you hone your sales techniques and marketing tactics, and in exchange for their participation, you can offer a freebie or percentage discount for a future visit to your business.