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Kenya exports first consignment of avocados to India

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Kenya has exported its first consignment of avocados to India as it seeks to expand its market beyond the traditional reach.

State Department for Crops Development Principal Secretary Kello Harsama presided over the flagging-off ceremony at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Saturday.

The export comes a few weeks after the government of India issued a gazette notice approving the export of Kenyan avocado to its vast market of approximately 1.4 billion consumers.

“This is a momentous occasion for both Kenya and India, symbolizing the fruits of our dedicated bilateral negotiations. Today, we proudly launch the export of Kenyan avocados to the Indian market,” Harsama said.

“We will continue to seek more markets for our farmers in line with the spirit of our bottom-up economic transformation agenda,” he added.

Kenya exports Sh. 9 billion avocados to China in three months

Kenya is the leading exporter of avocado in Africa and sixth in the world. The country is still scouting for more markets for fruit to capitalize on the high demand it has created in the world markets.

Since it entered the Chinese market last year, the fruit has been fetching better prices compared to that offered in the traditional markets and earned the country Sh9 billion in the three months to May 2023.

The traditional buyers for Kenyan avocados are the Netherlands, the United Arabs Emirates, France, Spain, Russia, and the United Kingdom, with China and Malaysia being the newest markets.

Other countries, including Korea and Italy, have in the last years been seeking to buy Kenyan avocados owing to their high-fat content.

The Hass variety, which is the most grown variety in Kenya, is the most sought in the export markets owing to its long shelf life and taste.

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