Thursday, September 28, 2023

Will Kenyan football get a shot in the arm now?

Over the past year, Kenyan football has stagnated after government action occasioned a FIFA ban which ideally wiped the country off the international football radar. The takeover of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) affairs by the government and the subsequent appointment of a caretaker committee meant that the country severed relations with FIFA.

How far the transitional committee has helped return the game into the right shape remains debatable and numerous court cases as well as clubs pulling out of the committee’s organized leagues haven’t helped the matter.

However, with the general elections held in August, and a new government coming in place, there has been a new lease of life, and renewed hope for the game. The new government has shown signs of investing well in the game and the federation that was hounded out of office has indicated its intention to return to management of the game.

DSTV business revitalizes pubs and clubs as football returns

Things are looking up. Football should be back before the end of October, if what the elected FKF president Nick Mwendwa says is anything to go by. But that will not be all; Kenyan football needs investment for it to grow after years of neglect and mismanagement.

Over time now, a lot of betting companies have supported Kenyan football, in the shape of signing contractual engagements with not just the federation, but also the Kenyan Premier League clubs as well as the national teams. It is expected that much of the investment as football returns will come from the same avenues, as several betting companies have set up shop and are gearing for the gains in the game.

One of the top sites that fans will be looking forward to investing in the league, is 1XBet, which has excellent streaming options and whose markets have been growing since its inception in 2011. 1XBet has grown in African football and Kenyan fans can take advantage of the 1XBet welcome bonus, which has up to $130 in welcome offers and is profiled in detail on SportyTrader.

It will be of interest particularly to note that the clubs set to take part in the new season of football have started their preseason training and in the wake of the push and pull, declared in no uncertain terms that they will only take part in a league recognized by FIFA.

In simple terms, what the clubs are indicating is that they will not for another season play a game under the transitional committee that was set up by the outgoing Sports Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohamed.

The committee had shared fixtures and urged clubs to start preparations with September 24th, 2022 set as the date for the resumption of the league. However, with clubs refusing to play, the committee has been forced to eat a humble pie, and recall their directive for the league to commence.

The next few weeks will be interesting, especially after embattled FKF President Nick Mwendwa for the first time since his troubles started in November last year, managed to set foot in the Goal Project offices that house the federation.

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