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Kenyan man who hired hitmen to kill his family arrested in US

A Kenyan man who had hired hitmen to kill his family has been arrested in the United States. Leonard Thuo Mwithiga who is 52 years old was arrested in Putnam, Connecticut, United States.

This was after a police informant he had unknowingly contacted about his plot told the police that Mwithiga had contacted him for help in getting a hitman.

Mwithiga is said to have traveled from Kenya to the United States to get his two children. His wife had allegedly left Kenya for the United States with the two children because Mwithiga was allegedly abusive.

“This man had a plan to kill his wife. I think he poses a serious threat not only to his wife but also his children,” a State prosecutor told the court on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Court documents said that he had planned to have his wife killed between January 28 and February 3 2024. According to his plan, he would already be back in Kenya at the time.

The State police said that they had an undercover trooper play the role of a hitman as part of a joint operation.

According to court documents, Mwithiga allegedly said that he wanted to ‘fight evil with evil’ and wanted someone to ‘ finish her.’ He had planned to pay $4,000 (about Sh. 640,000) in exchange for someone killing her.

The judge describe Mwithiga as an extreme flight risk and upheld a $5 million bond.

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If Mwithiga manages to post bond, he will have to turn in his passport, wear GPS monitoring and be under house arrest. The court also issued a protective order for his wife and kids.

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