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Most attractive investment opportunities for Kenyans in Diaspora

By Benson Bundi

Most attractive investment opportunities for Kenyans in Diaspora: In an increasingly globalized world, expatriates of many different nationalities leave their home countries searching for new opportunities. This phenomenon creates a new class of international citizens who have a profound economic influence on their host and adopted countries alike.

In Kenya, the country’s diasporic population directly impacts the local economy by sending remittances back home and investing in land, business start-ups, and other projects that create jobs for people living there.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how members of the Kenyan diaspora are investing in their ancestral homeland to help spur growth and development across the nation.

How Does Diaspora Investment Work in Kenya

Diaspora investment is an exciting opportunity for Kenyans to benefit financially, both those abroad and those still at home.

How Diaspora Remittances have shaped Kenya’s economy

Through diaspora SACCOs, migrants who have left Kenya to work worldwide can send their money back home and have it turned into investments of various kinds.

Not only does this help enhance the value of the Kenyan shilling, but it also competes with international aid as one of the largest financial inflows for developing countries.

How Kenyan Diaspora is Investing

The Kenyan diaspora invests heavily in various sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing, health care, and education. Through diaspora SACCOs, Kenyans living abroad can make financial contributions that can be used to fund new business start-ups, agriculture projects, and educational initiatives.

These investments often result in job creation and the diversification of Kenya’s economy, which helps reduce poverty and spur economic growth.

Here are the top ways in which the Kenyan diaspora is making significant economic contributions to their ancestral homeland:

1.    Land buying

Land investment by members of the Kenyan diaspora provides a valuable opportunity to help grow the Kenyan economy and support future generations. In many cases, land investment is used as part of large projects such as farms or housing developments, bringing added economic benefits to those involved in the projects.

Even individuals who mainly invest small amounts of money can significantly impact development within their countries of origin.

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Land investment has numerous benefits for investors and the country, ranging from improved quality of life and increased development opportunities to reduced crime rates and job creation.

2.   Real Estate

In addition to land investments, the Kenyan diaspora also invests in real estate. Real estate investments are becoming popular for those who want to support development in Kenya. They provide a tangible asset that can be used to generate income or sold at a later date.

Real estate investment has many advantages, including the potential for capital appreciation and rental income. It also gives investors a chance to be part of something larger than themselves, as they can contribute to the modernization of Kenyan cities and towns while also earning a profit.

3.   Business

Finally, business investments are also becoming increasingly popular among the Kenyan diaspora. Businesses can help create jobs and spur economic growth in Kenya.

Through business investments, diaspora members can directly support entrepreneurs and small businesses in Kenya. This allows them to use their money to help needy people and actively contribute to the nation’s development.


The Kenyan diaspora is making a considerable contribution to the economy of Kenya through diaspora investment. Investing in land, real estate, and businesses can help spur economic growth and support future generations.

Diaspora investment is an excellent opportunity for Kenyans to benefit financially and invest in their ancestral homeland.

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