Companies are competing aggressively for talent, piling on more perks and benefits every year. But which organizations have the most satisfied employees?

These are Kenya’s best employers in each of the following sectors:

1. State Corporations and NGOs

For those who may not be aware, the government is the best employer these days not only for job flexibility but also their remuneration has greatly improved and if you get a job in one of their many projects like, Nalep, APHIA, CDC, and other funds that the government runs then you are lucky. It is very hard to compare state corporations because most of their salaries are very structured but if you get a middle level or senior management job in a state corporation like NOCK, KPC, the central government, commissions and others please accept it. You will have the best work conditions and the best salary. The government is the most secure employer thus your job is very assured and if you are looking at long-term employment then the government should be your number one choice. NGOs don’t have very common disparities in work conditions and salaries although their job security is dependent on funding, they are good employers.

2. Actuarial

 This is the highest paying job not only in Kenya but in the world. We do not have many qualified actuaries in Kenya and thus not so many actuarial service providers. I personally did an actuarial degree and moved into an MBA in human resource and later a PhD in human psychology because my passion was not in numbers. In terms of salaries, actuaries don’t have a comparison, they are paid the highest but they don’t have a life. They are worse than auditors but if you are looking for a job in this field, we recommend Alexander Forbes because it is a worldwide professional services firm and the most stable.

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3. Manufacturing

  There is a lot of stereotype around this industry. People believe that EABL is the top employer in this sector but they are wrong. A graduate or management trainee starts with a figure slightly below 100,000 and middle management are also paid well but how many are these people? CEOs in this industry are not paid well either because those in the banking, insurance and service industry are better paid. The truth is that companies like GSK, Unilever, Bidco, EABL, PZ Cussons and many more that are in this industry don’t match their salaries and if you are looking for a big salary with good working conditions we will advise you to go to Nestle Foods. This is one employer that job seekers assume but has a workforce of over 500 people, with almost three quarters above six figure salaries. They don’t recruit directly but use a recruiting agency known as Adept Systems.


 This is a very controversial industry and figures here are very discouraging. I think these people require a very tough ‘Atwoli’ in there Bankers’ Association or Union. Some banks, both local and international are very notorious in paying very poor salaries. Most graduates normally approach this industry as their first option because they normally have jobs. Ask yourself why? Banks and audit firms have the highest employee turnover and if you inquire, they offer a whole lot of different packages but as you progress in the corporate ladder, you will realize that jobs are not all about salaries but we can’t assume that factor because it is among motivators. Equity Bank is the poorest remunerator followed by Barclays. In this industry, we will advise you to go for the smaller banks like Chase Bank, Gulf African, Bank of Baroda, Consolidated Bank and the rest. The most appreciated bank is Corporative Bank because at entry level you will get something close to Kshs. 65,000.

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5. Insurance

 Like the banks, insurance companies like using cheap labour. A claims processing clerk at CfC Life will start with Kshs. 25,000 which basically gets you a net amount of Kshs. 22,000. Seriously? This is not money in Nairobi and it will be more unfortunate if you join this industry as a salesperson because you will be earning on commission. If there is an industry that has a wider gap between the low and top earners, it has to be the insurance industry. If you remember very well, in last year’s annual human resource survey, the insurance industry came out as first runners-up in the highest paid CEOs. The information we have in our hands, state that a CEO in an insurance company takes home a cool seven-figure, senior management take home extremely high six figures in the ranges of Kshs. 700,000 to Kshs. 900,000 while the immediate people they manage take home Kshs. 25,000 to Kshs. 65,000. The best employer in this field is Chartis (Formerly AIG) and we can mention that they have the best management trainee program in the industry.


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