Saturday, September 23, 2023

Key Investment Opportunities In Kenya’s Manufacturing Sector

This is a sector which plays an important role in the growth of Kenya’s GDP, though it is mainly agro -based. However, there is a shift to export oriented manufacturing as the main thrust of Kenya’s industrial policy since the country aims to raise the share of products in the regional market from 7 percent to 15 percent. The country is promoting development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Industrial Parks, Industrial Clusters, promotion of small and medium scale manufacturing firms, development of niche products, commercialization of research and development results.

There are quite a number of investment opportunities in the manufacturing sector such as:

Paper Products

Kenya has an integrated pulp paper mill plant producing paper and paper board from renewable forest products. However, the country imports coated white lined chipboard and other boards for packaging, newsprint, printed paper and other types of paper. Investment opportunities exist in the production of paper from other raw materials such as bagasse, sisal waste, straw and waste paper

Vehicle Parts and Assembly

The motor vehicle component industry is rapidly developing to supply the needs of a few motor vehicle assemblers to meet certain local content requirements. Opportunities exist for manufacture of components for use by local assemblers for domestic market and for export to regional markets.

Electrical Equipment

Investment potential exists for the production of motors, circuit breakers, transformers, switch gears, irrigation pumps, capacitors, resistors, insulation tapes, electrical fittings and integrated circuit boards for both the domestic and export markets.

Others include:

Manufacturing of;

  • fertilizer agro-processing

  • machine tools and machinery

  • garments and

  • Engineering products for both domestic and export markets.

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