Monday, September 25, 2023

Lucy Njoki: Gatundu hospital stole one of my twins during CS

Lucy Njoki, a mother of one baby has been in despair for the better part of the year as she strongly feels doctors at Gatundu Level 5 hospital stole one of her newborn twin babies. She now accuses the hospital of child theft.

Lucy Njoki got pregnant in July 2021 and during her prenatal clinic visits, doctors would happily tell her and her husband that she was expecting twins from the scans displayed. This got the couple really excited.

In an interview, her husband vividly recalls that her hubby had severally been to prenatal clinics at Kigumo Level 4 Hospital, and doctors picked up two heartbeats.

“The doctor at Kigumo could tell the weight of my unborn twins, who he said was a boy and a girl. one was 2.6 kgs while the other was 2.4 kgs,” says Njoki’s husband.

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On the day of delivery in April 2022, the air around Gatundu Level 5 hospital strongly smelt of mischief. Upon arrival, Njoki says the doctors were very stern with her.

They also confirmed that she was having twins and hence the need to have a Caesarean delivery.

“We arrived at Gatundu but the doctors at Gatundu were not very kind. One of them came and ran some tests on me, confirming that I was carrying twins and that was why I was scheduled for a C-section,” says Njoki.

After the operation, she was only handed one baby, despite scans before delivery showing that she indeed was carrying twins. According to Njoki, after the C-section, one of the doctors hurriedly left the room after the babies were taken out of her body and handed to her.

Furthermore, all scans that showed she was expecting two babies had mysteriously vanished in thin air while she was still in surgery. The doctors fashioned a lie, supposedly, claiming that the other image in the scans was just the shadow of the baby.

Since then, Njoki and her husband have been in agony wondering what happened to their child and scans showed she was pregnant with twins. Gatundu Level 5 hospital insists that the mother gave birth to only one child and takes no responsibility

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