Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Controversial lifestyle of Kilimani man caught with 22 guns, 500 bullets

On Wednesday June 22 2022, a Kilimani man caught with 22 guns and over 500 bullets left many Kenyans in shock over what he was doing with such a large cache of arms.

The man who has since been identified as Ken Lugwili was busted when auctioneers and police broke into his office to cart away furniture over unpaid rent.

At the office, Lugwili had hidden seven escort magnum shotguns, one Benelli shotgun, five Quatro shotguns, one Savage shotgun, one Walther with two magazines, a revolver with two magazines, an Austia with two magazines, a ceska pistol with an empty magazine and a total of 565 ammunition of different calibres.

He also had 72 medium and 45 small tins of pointed head pellets, two tins of eley wasp, 25 pistol holsters, nine double magazine carriers, six single magazine carriers, 30 slings, five sniper altimate and 10 sniper torches.

In addition to these were nine firearm handles, 12 studs, seven spacers, 15 flash aiders, seven firearm spanners, and two firearm cleaning brushes.

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Lugwili, the proprietor of Vic. Technologies Limited, had for a long time failed to pay his monthly rent prompting the landlord, Ballon Wanjala Nangalama, to seek a court order allowing him to break into the premises. His rent arrears amounted to Sh. 4,962,990.

After this bust, details on the controversial life of Lugwili have emerged. According to one report that appeared in the Daily Nation newspaper on Thursday, Lugwili had been operating as a licensed firearm dealer until August 3, 2019, when the Firearm Licensing Board (FLB) suspended his licence over concerns about his dealership business.

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“In a letter dated August 3, 2019, FLB chairman Charles Mukindia cited an ongoing investigation regarding Mr Lugwiri’s dealership business as the reason for the suspension,” the Nation reported. It added that Mukindia had confirmed that the weapons found at Lugwili’s office were “within the category where the board allows local dealers to sell in the country”.

The report painted a controversial lifestyle of Lugwili, saying that he had previously been linked to land fraud, fake currency claims and impersonation of a former President’s aide with intent to defraud people.

“He is also said to have controversially claimed ownership of a luxurious car that reportedly dropped off a woman who was killed in mysterious circumstances after attending a party at a Nairobi estate in 2011,” the report said.

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