Sunday, December 4, 2022

Pain as Kisumu farmer loses Sh. 2.7 million fish investment in hours

A farmer in Kisumu is reeling from a mega loss in his fish business. The farmer who was identified as Shalton Omollo Owino lost over 80,000.

Omollo estimated that the loss amounted to over Sh. 2.7 million.

“Today is Friday, 11th November. The day I dubbed as Elso fish Friday. I woke up to go and harvest my fish to kisumu and other depots. This is what I woke up to. All fish are dead. 80,000 pieces of fish ready for harvest,” said Omollo.

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“Sh. 2.7 million investment gone in a night. All my hopes are shuttered.”

Omollo has been running his fish business under the brand name, Elso Farm Limited. The farm also specializes in bee farming.

A few days before this disaster, Omollo had advertised his fish. “This is live from ELSO FARMS LTD. We have about 1Tone in the farm. 1kg at 290 is 4pcs, 1kg at 350 is 3pcs, 1kg at 430 is 2pcs. Place your orders,” he had advertised.

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