Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pathologists Lancet Kenya announces revision of COVID-19 test cost

Pathologists Lancet Kenya has announced a 28% reduction in COVID-19 test costs for all walk-in clients effective 1st August 2022. The review will see the cost come down to KShs. 4,949 from Kshs. 6,949, in a move that comes as a relief to Kenyans who require COVID-19 certificates to facilitate their movement.

Commenting on the move, Pathologists Lancet Kenya Managing Director Mwende Musunga noted that the move will boost efforts in further reducing cases of infection in the country as well as awareness among Kenyans.

“What we are doing is giving our clients an opportunity to be able to access COVID-19 tests at an affordable rate at any of our 40 testing centres across the country.

With the reduction, we have facilitated a cut in expenses that would have been incurred by Kenyans who require the PCR tests for travel, work, or other purposes other than COVID-19 symptoms or contact tracing,”

Mwende said.

Pathologists Lancet Kenya Limited, part of the Lancet Group of Laboratories operates primarily in the private healthcare environment and offers specialist pathology services to doctors and their patients directly or through clinics and hospitals, industrial sectors, corporates, and insurance companies. It also serves clinical trials and research groups, the public sector, and NGOs through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

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The facility was the first independent private laboratory in East Africa to start COVID-19 PCR testing in April 2020, when it set home-grown innovative lab scientists and pathologists to combat the pandemic.

To date, Pathologists Lancet Kenya has done the highest number of COVID-19 PCR tests among private labs in the country supplementing the testing done in the public health laboratories. Its main laboratory in Upper Hill is the first in East Africa to receive ISO15189 accreditation for SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing granted by the Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) in 2020.

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