Friday, December 1, 2023

Less explored one-month courses earning Kenyan graduates Sh. 300,000

The government of Kenya has been urged to provide increased support for the training of baristas and mixologists to meet the rising demand for these professionals locally and internationally.

During the inaugural graduation ceremony of the Worthstart Barista and Mixology Institute on November 11, it was revealed that half of the graduating class had already landed lucrative positions abroad.

The course took one month to finish, after which learners secured jobs in prestigious five-star hotels and cruise ships abroad, earning over Sh300,000.

“A half of the class has already secured jobs abroad in Five Star hotels and cruise ships earning hundreds of thousands. Give us more support for this industry we are attempting to establish,” Worthstart Barista and Mixology Institute founder Zoey Naik said.

Education Ministry announces free scholarships abroad with monthly stipends

She added that some of the graduates had previously pursued bachelor’s degrees in various courses only to face years of unemployment.

“Within two years, I want to be a trainer for students who want to pursue this career path,’’ one of the students who has already landed a job said.

Barista courses are very marketable and take a very short period of time. Students are trained on how to make coffee and different types of cocktails.

The courses are good for those with interests in the hospitality industry, particularly for one who wishes to work as an expert in preparing coffee and espresso drinks.



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