Thursday, November 30, 2023

LG Electronics shifting to renewable energy in new strategy

Global electronics firm LG Electronics has unveiled its 2023 strategy that is anchored on its 2030 sustainability blueprint.

The new strategy that is aimed at creating innovation for a better life and ensuring a sustainable future for all was unveiled by LG Electronics Global CEO William Cho during the LG World Premier press conference that was held on the sidelines of the ongoing CES 2023 exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The strategy will run under the Life’s Good LG brand slogan and features a strong offering of customer-centered innovations to build a better life for all and care for the environment.

During the event, Cho affirmed LG’s commitment to tackling new challenges in 2023 and beyond. “LG has known and truly believed that the answer is always with the customer. The start and end of all innovation are our customers, and it is with these innovations that we aim to put a smile on their faces,” said Cho.

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Cho further highlighted LG Electronic’s commitment to providing new value to its customers across the world through the introduction of groundbreaking innovations. One of these innovations is the LG OLED which marked its tenth anniversary since launch.

OLED TVs take movies, tv shows and gaming to a different level. Packed with 4K resolution and even deeper shades of black. LG OLED displays deliver 8.3 million individually lit pixels that can brighten, dim or turn on and off completely, which means you get perfect experience.

Cho further underlined LG’s aim to provide ‘First’, ‘Unique’ and ‘New’ experiences across all its products and solutions in order to provide a better life for all its customers.

To expand the customer experience in more various fields, said Cho, the company is also operating various in-house programs to foster innovators, encouraging LG employees to bravely adapt to new challenges and fast adoption of more sustainable and efficient technologies.

In the same vein, Ginny Lee from LG Electronics USA, noted that the new strategy is in line with the company’s goal to create a better life by putting people and the planet first.

“LG’s Global Framework follows a road map focusing on environmental, social, and governance issues. Our goal is to use 6,000 tons of recycled plastics by 2030. We will collect and recycle another 4.5 million tons of e-waste for a total of 8 million tons by 2030,” said Lee.

In addition to this, LG will pursue carbon neutrality by 2030 in 7 product categories and will complete the transition to renewable energy by 2050.

“LG wants to make its products accessible to all. They are adding voice guidance for more products, a sign language engine for better content viewing for the hearing impaired, and embracing valuable feedback from consumers to improve usability and performance,” said Lee.

The CEO shared the company’s vision for Innovation Designed to Make Customers’ Lives Better. He also mentioned the company’s promise to increase the accessibility of LG’s products and services to ensure easy use by the disabled and elderly, among other things.

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