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List of top grocery stores in Kenya

As is the norm, when talking about high-end grocery stores, much has to be expounded on but generally, customers often assess the standards of the products and the quality of the services. With rural-urban migration still a factor causing many to move into the city, food demand in urban centers is very high.

Grocery shopping in the city can be quite hectic. This is why getting fresh healthy groceries consisting of the best fruits, vegetables and smoothies is important. Considering how there is barely a greenhouse or farm located in urban towns, such as Nairobi, transport has to be catered for, to ensure that the product reaches the grocery shops in a good state.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the best green grocery stores that Nairobi folks love for their exceptional services and ever-fresh farm produce.

  1. Zucchini Green Grocers

Zucchini Green grocery store

Zucchini is the highest-ranked green grocery store in Nairobi city, providing the highest quality of produce that is fresh and healthy. The grocery shop deals with a variety of products ranging from vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy, cheese, and pantry items such as salads and sauces, tea, coffee, cold drinks, dips and flowers.

The store’s motto is “It’s all about the good stuff.” Indeed! It was founded in 1991, and this gives them market credibility and reliability. Zucchini greengrocers are loved by so many Kenyans and exceptionally so.

“Our Farmers are our heart and soul! And the relationship we have with local Kenyan farmers has blossomed over the years, in fact, we are still with the same farmers from the day we began. This means we get first pick on their harvests and we make sure they get their fair deal as well…This is the Zucchini way.”

Zucchini is not only a greengrocer but it also has a juice bar, a salad bar, a bakery and a hot kitchen. The management knows how to take care of their customer’s nutritional needs. The store offers in-store shopping and also online shopping and deliveries. Zucchini Green Groceries has so many shopping outlets in the city and its outskirts. The ABC Place, Garden City Mall, The Hub Karen, Village Market and a store on General Mathenge Road.

  1. Kalimoni Greens

Kalimoni Greens started in 2005 just as an idea of retailing potatoes from a bumper harvest. Since then, it has to be a grocery store offering organic products to discern the customer base who are very supportive, loyal and trustworthy. Kalimoni greens deal with fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, dairy products, cold-pressed organic juices and coconut & almond milk.

The store’s fundamental mission statement is “life rejuvenating products”. True to their words, they are quite rejuvenating, especially their juices made from certified organic ingredients and squeezed by a juicer with an rpm of 43-60 to ensure the live enzymes are present to complete nutrients into the body.

Customers love the store because everything is organic, non-GMO and contains more antioxidants and essential nutrients to provide energy and mental clarity. Kalimoni has two open shops, one along Ngong Road and the other in Karen Park Building, Nairobi.

Kalimoni Greens grocery store

  1. Quickmart Supermarket groceries.

Quickmart Supermarket was founded in 2006, with its first branch in Nakuru town, as just an ordinary supermarket without any groceries. Quickmart has extensively spread across the country since its establishment to have over 30 stores countrywide.

The Quickmart grocery store stocks fresh vegetables, food, fruits, dirty products and fresh meat from an in-store butchery. They also offer honey and ginger honey.

Ideally, Quickmart Supermarket being spread across the country has made it even more accessible and many love the farm-fresh produce. The staff at the grocery section come in quite handy when packaging the products which are bought in measures of kilograms. They also help in hauling the goods to the vehicle.

Quickmart Supermrket Groceries

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  1. Carrefour Supermarket groceries

Carrefour Supermarket is currently one of the largest and most frequently visited supermarkets in Kenya. The unique thing about the grocery shop at Carrefour Supermarket is that you can order the groceries via Jumia. Their groceries are ever fresh and have a wide variety, therefore it is a consumer favorite store.

Carrefour has outlet grocery stores at Two Rivers Mall, Thika Road Mall, Galleria, Sarit Center, Village market and The Hub Karen.

Carrefour Groceries

  1. Ambrosia Food Market

Ambrosia Food Market is an in-store shopping and delivery grocery store located on Kiambu road near the Aladdin Gourmet Restaurant and the Walkabout Bar and Restaurant. The grocery store runs open from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm every day except on Sundays when the store opens at 10:00 am and closes at 7:30 pm.

What makes the store exquisitely popular is its affordable packages that make shopping easier, especially for those who prefer ordering online. Ambrosia Food Market stocks a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and fresh meat as well.

Ambrosia Food Market

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