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Llewellyn ‘Mr-Know-It-all’ Ouya: Kenyan TikToker who’s tried over 10 businesses

Llewelyn Ouya

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Mr-Know-It-all, aka Llewelyn Ouya, is one of Kenya’s top-ranked content creators. The TikToker says his interest and passion for business enabled him to cultivate a following online, where he talks about business-related topics.

In a recent interview with Nation, Llewelyn revealed he is pursuing his second degree in medicine and surgery and holds a degree in actuarial science. Additionally, he is CPA accredited.

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Ouya says his main goal is to inspire others to start their businesses and pursue their careers to attain the best. Consequently, he likes discussing businesses and how people can avoid getting conned.

He says he has tried his hand at over ten business ventures, some of which have failed while others have weathered the storm.

Interest in Business

Ouya says his parents tried their hand at several businesses when he was young. Therefore, he developed a financial interest from a very young age and was always fascinated by the idea of making money from nothing.

“If I go somewhere and see a business, I always want to know its intricates, such as how much it costs to start and operate it.”

He says he watches business documentaries and reads a lot, which makes him a powerhouse of information.

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His financial experiences have taught him that people in business are very mean with information.

“Most people can’t tell you who their suppliers are, where to get permits, or even something as simple as getting an Mpesa Paybill number.”

So, because of his challenges when starting his businesses, Ouya felt the urge to spread this information – because, as he says,  it doesn’t cost you anything to assist anyone. And people are always looking for this information.

Mr Know it All, Llewellyn Ouya: 29 Year Old Tiktoker who has Tried over 10 Businesses - Bizna Kenya
Mr Know it All, Llewellyn Ouya: 29 Year Old Tiktoker who has Tried over 10 Businesses – Bizna Kenya

Current Business

He currently offers consultancy services through his firm. Despite having employees, Llewellyn offers consultancy services one-on-one with his clients, advising them on how to start their businesses, get permits, etc.

He also carries out research for companies, drafts business plans and proposals, builds company profiles, and designs websites.

Negative Comments

The TikToker says he spends little time on negative comments after realizing he can’t do much about them. He likens himself to icons like Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Leonel Messi, who, despite their achievements, still have haters.

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“When I was getting 100 views on TikTok, no one was hating on me. The haters sprouted when I started growing,”

he says.

Where Do You Get The Information

Lewweln says he has been involved in over ten businesses, some of which have been successful while others haven’t. Through that, he says he has gained enough financial experience to advise people, in addition to reading, researching, and watching documentaries.

He believes one doesn’t have to be the best in something to teach others. Instead, even with 30% information about a topic, one can still share their knowledge with others.


Most of Ouya’s income comes from his social media content. Unlike most content creators, Ouya says he does not depend on Youtube or TikTok to pay him. Instead, his content helps him attract clients, whom he says is his major source of income.

He also earns via TikTok gifts; some followers send him redeemable gifts. Finally, he earns through brand marketing and the sale of business eBooks.


He advises budding entrepreneurs to face fear and be open-minded when starting a business. He says one should expect their business to work out or fail, in which case the failure should be treated as a learning experience.

He also dissuades people from the notion that business is easy, saying that it’s harder than being employed. Unlike employment, where one is paid a monthly salary regardless of the company’s performance, business demands high time management skills and discipline.

“When you’re starting, it’s going to be very tough. However, day by day, you’re going to gain experience and you’re going to learn about the business and even about the clients – so it’s just a matter of persistence and hard work”.


He concludes with a call on other content creators to spread financial awareness and expose scams to help people from getting conned.

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