Friday, December 1, 2023

Loaf of bread hits Sh. 60. Half litre of milk now past Sh. 80

It is getting harder by day for Kenyans to afford bread and milk. This is as prices of the two most common items loaf of bread and milk, rises by the day.

Barely three months after the price of the 400 grams bread was increased to Sh. 55, prices, prices have risen again. The cost of a loaf of bread will now be Sh. 60.

Supa Loaf is the first bread manufacturer to review its prices. Broadways has also indicated that it will increase the price of 400g bread to Sh. 60 from Sh. 55. The 600g bread will go up from Sh. 83 to Sh. 90.

This means that with unregulated retail prices, many Kenyans will end up paying as high as Sh. 65 for a 400grams loaf of bread at their estate or village kiosks.

This comes as the price of processed and unprocessed milk also continues to shoot up. At a majority of supermarkets, a spot check by Bizna Kenya shows that a packet of 500ml milk is selling at highs of between Sh. 70 and Sh. 85 depending on brand.

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At milk kiosks in rural areas, the price of one litre of raw milk has also increased to highs of Sh. 80 from lows of between Sh. 40 and Sh. 50 at the end of year 2021.

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  1. We can use cassava ripe bananas and sweet potatoes if we can’t afford bread ,I my self no use bread😃

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