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How you can make Sh. 100,000 if you have Sh. 15,000 capital

Low Capital Business Ideas: If you lost your job but have some Sh. 15,000 somewhere, how can you grow it to Sh. 100,000? Well, this Question & Answer feature published with permission by Kyrgitt Kalya tells you how:


“Hi Kyrgitt, I have 15k I’d like to grow to about 100k nianze biz ya viatu. I lost my job juu ya corona but nilisave hii doh kwa sacco. Niko ready kufanya anything. I’m tired of living hand to mouth”

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Hello brother.

Thanks for your candid call for help.

Straight to the point.


Approach a busy car wash set up in a spacious place and request to give them complimentary business as a way to attract more customers. It must be a simple car wash but one with traffic. None with a hotel or eatery.

Go to juakali and buy a charcoal grill worth 3K.

Buy a vendor umbrella worth 2500

Buy a dust coat and chef’s hat for 1500.

Buy a packet of serviettes worth 200bob.

Buy 2kilos of meat worth 600bob (or 1000)

Buy an economy pack of 26 choma sausages at 650bob.

Buy a sack of charcoal at about 1000bob

Buy a 5ltr flask worth 2k

Buy disposable cups worth 100bob.

Buy a packet of teabags or coffee sachets at 100bob.

Buy a kilo of sugar at 100bob.

Get a food handler’s permit for 700 bob and you remain with some change. You can buy sauces and other spices to flavor your grills.

Your total capital is 12,450/-.

Now, grill the choma sausages and sell each at 100bob. If you sell the whole packet, you have 2,600. Your profit is 1,950 per day.

Skewer the meat into mshikakis.

Sell each stick at 100bob.

Each mshikaki stick weighs about 100 grams. It’s very few pieces of meat anyway. One kilo has 1000 grams.

So each kilo gives you 10 sticks. That’s 1k per kilo sold giving you a total of 2k. Your profit on this is 1400bob.

In your flask is very hot water.

Sell each cup for 20bob. Five litres gives you 400bob.

You can locate this at a busy car wash, or outside a busy liquor store, but you forgo the tea, or near stalls.

I prefer inside a car wash because it has a controlled space and you won’t get into much of a hassle with ‘kanjo’ though if your paper work is right, you are free to trade.

Now let’s see your potential income.

If you sell your entire product daily, you can earn a total of 3,750 per day.

If you work 26 days a week, you have 97,500/- salary.

Remember, many factors to consider but most importantly, your own attitude and market research. However, with your case, there’s nothing to lose because even if you made half that money, that’s still 48,750/-. This is what some bank workers earn.

For this to happen,you must retire your ego.

The reason why some villagers and those brought up in hardship succeed more than the middle class in the long run is because, you have to get to a point you are not embarrassed at your Hustle to make it.

Manicured nails, loafers, high heels and kizungu mingi can’t let you prosper. You have to be in character once you’ve decided you’re a flip side hustler. When your money hits the bank, it won’t smell of charcoal and onions.

You don’t need to use this plan, however, as you can see, thinking is free of charge. Open up your mind. Don’t get depressed yet our brains are still using oxygen.

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Low Capital Business Ideas Disclaimer: This is just an advisory post. Your success in business is determined by factors such as location, discipline, research, planning and resource management.

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