Maintaining the consistency of your brand as a business owner is very vital. This is because clients can only buy from businesses which they trust.

These techniques can help you to maintain your brand’s consistency as the business grows:

1. Keep your branding authentic.

Your branding extends beyond what your customers see; it’s also about everyone on your team. If your internal communications have the same messaging and overall tone as your external communications, you’ll maintain consistency all around.

Not only will your team be better equipped to deliver what your messaging promised, but they’ll also feel more connected to your brand. In addition to your content and the look and feel of your interactions with employees, ensure your work culture mirrors your company’s image, whether that means you’re buttoned-up and professional, casual and breezy, or something in between.

2. Build a foundation.

Templates and guidelines that you can personalize as you need to can make things easier for you and your employees by giving everyone a consistent jumping-off point as you create content for your brand.

You can use (and personalize) simple templates for everything from your emails to your company’s blog posts to business cards. A business card template can be used for hundreds or thousands of employees as they join your organization.

3. Set up a solid approval process.

In the early days, your approval process was probably pretty simple: You signed off on everything. Every branding choice your company made, from letterheads to business cards to content on your website, was given the go-ahead by you and your co-founder.

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But as your team grows, this becomes more complicated and, honestly, kind of wasteful. You don’t need to spend time calling every shot when someone else on your team can take the lead.

4. Don’t forget products and services.

Over time, it can be easy for the products or services a business delivers to begin to deteriorate. Upper management may cut corners to reduce budgets, or a business may switch manufacturers or outsource services to an unreliable third-party provider. It’s sad to say, but it can happen, and if it does, your brand can suffer as much as (if not more than) it would if someone used the wrong font or made a big change to your logo.