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List of tycoons who manage top maize flour companies in Kenya

Undeniably, Ugali is one of Kenyans’ favorite meals among all the dishes. It is a meal loved for its numerous nutrient supplements.

Recently, the demand for maize flour has been expected to increase after the government slashed maize flour prices to Sh. 100.

Ugali, a delicacy whose combination with Sukumawiki, Nyama Choma, fish, just but a few brings out a top tier meal vastly loved within Kenyan borders.

But do you know the source of your Maize flour and who owns the milling company? Maize flour brands have flooded the Kenyan market in the past half a decade but there are those unique brands that consumers love for their market longevity, price and nutrition supplements.

Little is known about the tycoons at the forefront of ensuring these maize mills operate daily to supply 48 Million Kenyans.

We shall take a look at a list of tycoons managing top maize flour companies in Kenya and the companies they take charge of.

  1. Unga Group Limited – Joseph Malel Choge & Isabella Ochola Wilson

Unga Group Limited manufactures Kenya’s household leading brand of sifted maize popularly known as ‘Unga ya Jogoo’. It is milled from the finest maize and unquestionably it is tasty and nutritious for the whole family. Unga group also manufacture Hostess and Hodari brand.

Group Chief Executive Officer’s name is Joseph Malel Choge. Isabella Ochola Wilson is the Chairperson of the Unga group limited board. Both are important figures in the management of the limited company.

Location: Unga Group Holdings Ltd is located in Industrial Area Nairobi

Unga Group Limited – Joseph Malel Choge & Isabella Ochola Wilson
Joseph Malel Choge and Isabella Ochola Wilson
  1. Pembe Flour Mills Limited – Riaz Jaffer

It is one of the leading milling companies in Kenya that manufactures the popular Pembe Maize Flour, which is a recognized brand in many households and is renowned for its consistent quality.

The company’s Managing Director is Riaz Jaffer, a Tanzanian Citizen.

Location: Pembe Flour Mills Limited offices are located in Industrial Area Nairobi while other offices are in Mombasa, Nakuru.

2.Pembe Flour Mills Limited – Riaz Jaffer
Riaz Jaffer
  1. Capwell Industries Limited – Dalichand Shah

Capwell Industries manufactures high-quality maize flour under the brands Soko Maize Meal and Amaize. The Maize meal is wholesome offering great tasting ugali that is filled with consistent quality and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Dalichand Shah is the chairman of the company. He started his career in the industry in 1962 when he joined his brothers in the bakery industry where he remained until 1996 before starting Capwell Group in 1999.

Location: Capwell Head offices are located in the industrial town of Thika, Makongeni.

  1. Mombasa Maize Millers – Mohammed Islam Ali family

They are one of the largest maize millers of maize and wheat in Kenya with branches in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kitale and Nakuru. The company produces maize flour under the customized brands Ndovu, Cosmo, Bahari and Swan.

Mombasa Maize Millers was founded in 1978 and its associated to the family of Mombasa millionaire, Mohammed Islam Ali. He established the business with his brother Ahmed Ali.

  1. United Millers – Sunil Shah

United Millers is a company involved in the production of consistently high quality flour known as Jambo Maize flour, fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Sunil Shah who resides in Kisumu is the owner of the business.

5.United Millers – Sunil Shah
Sunil Shah, MD Unied Millers

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