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Make your car earn you money Ksh 25,000 – Ksh 130,000 in Kenya

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If you are looking to make some extra cash, there are lots of ways to use your car as an income source — with or without you behind the wheel.

So if you only use your car at the weekend, perhaps you could rent it out during the week to someone who needs it for the school run and other emergency and luxury reasons. it’s time make your car earn you money, between Ksh25,000 and Ksh130,000 per month.

Or if you only use your car for the commute to work during the week, why not rent it out to someone who requires a car for a getaway over the weekend?

Kaka Logistics Enterprises is a registered company based in Nairobi with two years existence in the Car-hire services which allows car owners to rent out their car for money whenever they’re not using it. The services matches people who want to borrow a car with those people who have a car to rent out. It’s that simple.

Kaka Logistics Enterprises makes it easy automatically screening all cars joining the service and all drivers booking cars.

All you need is take your car with comprehensive insurance cover to Kaka logistics Enterprises. They have a clientele friendly agreement terms where you get to understand how you can earn between Ksh25,000 – Ksh130,000.

There is thorough driver vetting and three secure mode of payment through; M-pesa payment, own bank account deposit and cheque collection from Kaka Logistics Enterprises office.

To learn more on how you will make that extra idle cash with your car reach Kaka Logistics Enterprises on +254721716765 or Email [email protected]

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