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6 things to sell in a malimali shop for quick profit and where to get them at a cheaper price

Malimali is one of the best businesses to start. You start with a capital of 20k-250k. For those with capital, stock your shop.

This business flourishes both in towns and villages.

This business gives you the freedom to sell a wide range of products.

What to sell in a malimali shop


All types of plastic shoes. E.g. open shoes, slippers, rubber shoes, etc
For official and suede boots you can source them at Capital House first-floor room 5 entrance at Pettans driving next to Ambassador


All kitchen utensils that we use at home. That’s thermos, plates, glass, sufuria, jugs, spoons, kettle, etc. You can search the sufuria chapchap page on Facebook


Panties, socks, bra, vests, hats, belts, handkerchief, hats, boxers, etc
Khaki trousers: you’ll get them also at Capital House @750 building the one with Pettans 1st-floor room 5

How you can grow your money with just Sh. 5,000 only!


Earphones, lamb holders, Types of bulbs, wiring cables, radio cables, Jack pins, USB cables, memory cards, antenna, pocket radio, universal chargers, flash disk, torch, chargeable lamp, pocket radio, etc.

Beauty products

That’s earrings, necklace, cutex, Lipstick, ring, ponds, perfume, pods, creams, beads, lip balm pure Glycerine Eye pencil, Types of hair dye, etc.


That’s Crayon, books, Manila paper, pencil, printing papers, graph books, Irish book, plain book, notebook chalk, pen, etc.
A mali mali shop thrives under less competition since it’s not possible to satisfy a large number of customers.
Eg. Handbags; Diapers, Tissue you’ll get them at Tsavo road Benjoe House first floor room 31 and best price; Shower cap; Stocking; Woolen threads; Sanitary pads; Shoe creams; Braids; Mitungi; Kids toy; Shoelace; Innersole; Suede; Shoe polish; Padlocks; Superglue; Mento plus; Kaluma; Robb; Sewing thread; Needles; Table cloth; Cooking stick (mwiko); Storybook; Maji; Jembe; Kids box; Gunia;Wrapping paper; Watches; Stickers; Hair dye; Bangles; Baaza; Battery acid; Woven bags; Khaki papers; Wallet; Umbrella; Paints; Vanish paint.
Also, you can get some khaki wholesale at Capital House first floor room 5 near Pettans offices.
With a great stock, you’ll get a good profit every day.


You must be very keen to run this business. As a starter, you can either have a dead stock or fail to identify quality products.

Therefore, you need to identify a veteran in this area so that you can go shop together. Most wholesalers will guide you step by step since they want you to become their customer.

Note that all these mali mali products you can’t get in one shop. I have only given you a few as a guide. It is not also possible to learn about these products in one day. As you progress in the business, you’ll keep on learning.

For instance, cosmetics, utensils, clothes, stationery, handbags, diapers, etc. you can’t get them in one shop. The good thing about this business is that most commodities retail from as low as Kshs. 20. This means you can sell to almost everyone.

Share more information about sourcing below. Which shop is best so far for you?
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