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How matatu sacco conned disabled tout with bus loan disguised as gift

In December 2016, Peter Njoroge was awarded with a brand new mini bus. He was awarded with the bus for having worked diligently for four years.

As Kenyans were made to believe, Njoroge, who suffers from a series of disabilities, was given the matatu as a gift from the Thika-based matatu sacco Manchester Travellers Sacco in conjunct with Thika Motor Dealers, Dodi Brothers body builders, and Invesco Insurance.

But all this has now been revealed to have been a fat lie! Apparently there was never such a gift. The bus was actually a multi-million loan being given to a man who’d obviously be unable to repay it. And it has now been repossessed.

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But what shocks more is that the matatu sacco together with its acquaintances paraded Njoroge in front of cameras to play public relations. Njoroge, who hails from Majengo area in Thika is dumb and has Parkinson’s manifestation.

According to Ndungu Nyoro, a human rights and community activist, Manchester Sacco took a loan on the bus without informing Njoroge’s mother who is his guardian.

They then asked the family to withdraw all their savings and pimp it to attract customers.


Along the way though, differences arose as the family queried the real ownership of the bus and the huge financial costs being demanded.

According to reports, Manchester Sacco had turned a Sh. 4 million loan to the family of the disabled tout, which was clearly not in a position to manage payments.

“The family has been unable to repay the purported loan and the Manchester sacco has detained the bus as the loan accrues interest. The bus may be auctioned any time soon,” says Mr. Nyoro.


It was also not clear how Manchester Sacco expected the disabled young man to manage the bus on his own.

“It wasn’t a CHRISMAS GIFT from the Sacco as you made us believe. It was a PR exercise. You have caused this familiy immeasurable pain. You have robbed Peter of his lifetime savings. The family continues to suffer as you auction the vehicle. The young man can’t talk to express his pain,” says Nyoro.

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