Thursday, June 8, 2023

Maraga: I’ll remember Uhuru as president who had no regard for the law

Maraga on Uhuru: Former Chief Justice David Maraga has said that he will remember Uhuru Kenyatta as the president who had zero regard for the rule of law.

“I will remember him as a president who has no regard for the law,” he said.

Maraga was speaking during an interview with KTN on Wednesday afternoon. He spoke barely a day after former Chief Justice Wily Mutunga also criticized President Uhuru for his refusal to appoint six judges to the Court of Appeal, and his continued disregard for the rule of law.

He echoed what Mutunga had said, saying that he agreed with every word in the statement. “I agree with every word in that statement, I’ve read the whole of it. When a situation get so bad, it requires that people be frank,” Maraga said.

Marag said that Uhuru was wrong to reject the names of the six judges, adding that the names first given to the Judicial Service Commission of appointees whose integrity was being questioned by the Executive had changed.

Don’t be petty, Mutunga tells Uhuru in scathing letter! See full letter

“I confirm that the names have changed. Those who were said to have integrity issues, some have been added to that list some have been removed. For the good of persons concerned I won’t name them,” Maraga said.

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