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Core Marketing Strategies

Businesses can be extremely diverse in terms of the services and products they offer, as can be the people or organizations they choose to target. In spite of this, there are certain perennial marketing strategies that all businesses and brands need to know in order to succeed in their chosen sector. Below we take a look at some fundamentals of marketing in our modern, e-commerce environment, and explore why these have enduring relevance for all thriving enterprises.

10 Ways to Increase your Sales Through Shopper Marketing


Knowing when customers are most likely to be in the market for your services can go a long way to maximizing your growth. For example, consumer electronics and peripherals are now most frequently purchased during the autumn Black Friday sales. Brands in this sector know this and use the increased attention to push additional products on customers who are already primed to buy and looking for a deal. It can also work to your advantage to run limited sales during the off-season of your product as a means to keep stock moving during the quiet months. Take, for example, a winter sports clothing brand that chooses to run a sale in the summer.


Special promotions can take many forms, with the simplest and most common being promo codes and coupons that can be hosted on platforms like Groupon. This is an effective way to increase the discoverability of your brand. Elsewhere, in the world of iGaming, platforms frequently run special offers designed to cater to both new and returning players. These include welcome bonuses and daily jackpots that encourage prospective consumers to explore the product. Brands are also known to host competitions on their services wherein participation is secured by having consumers share and like your marketing content to their feeds. This kind of organic viral marketing increases social media footfall to your brand while also increasing interest in your products and services.

Crafting your Brand Identity

It’s important to stop and consider the true implications of the e-commerce space. Whereas, in the past, if a company occupied an underutilized corner of their local marketplace, then they could exert a near-monopoly over that region, nowadays, businesses of all scales have to contend with the fact the internet gives 2.14 billion prospective customers unprecedented access to something in the region of 24 million shops, as of 2021. Taking those numbers alone, it’s easy to see why so many businesses fail to make the jump from brick-and-mortar to a digital enterprise. The reality is, however, that there are several extremely simple steps you can take to begin differentiating yourself from this mass. One maxim that is as true for our modern era as it was in the ancient world is the importance of crafting a unique and recognizable brand identity. Archeological finds from the Roman city of Pompeii, famous for its destruction at the hands of a nearby volcanic eruption, have unearthed evidence of discreet branding among the various food stalls and storefronts in the once-thriving metropolis, including a logo featuring a rooster that appears on several establishments – suggesting an early chain restaurant.

Core Marketing Strategies

The Complete Package

In our modern world of social media, developing strong branding is essential in order to ensure your business stands out from the crowd. It also goes a long way towards giving prospective customers an indication of what kind of experience they can expect by patronizing you. For example, successful wellness brands, now part of a 4+ trillion-dollar industry, typically emphasize color palettes and aesthetics that evoke a sense of cleanliness, purity, and serenity in their marketing materials and social media feeds. While there are exceptions to every rule, it is important to understand why a brand that would elect to present itself in a contrary manner to this might frequently lose out on business to its competitors. People need to know what they’re going to get for their money’s worth, and this process begins at first sight.

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