Thursday, September 28, 2023

Meru lady refuses to give tithe, offerings to church; Builds poor neighbour Sh. 300k house instead

Mary Nkatha, a woman from Meru has narrated how she chose to build her widowed neighbor a beautiful house worth Sh. 300,000. The money was tithe and offerings she was to give in church.

Ms. Nkatha says she bagged a handsomely paying business deal earlier this year. She felt convicted to differ from the norm of giving tithes and offerings to churches but instead, save the money for a house.

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She further said that she feels pastors take advantage of Kenyans in churches.  She stopped giving offerings and tithes in church and opted instead to use the money in good faith and build a house for her struggling neighbor, a widow.

“After I thought about how pastors are taking advantage of other Kenyans in the name of tithe, I stopped giving in church and instead saved all that money so that I could build a house for my struggling neighbor,” she said in an interview.

Ms. Nkatha devoted herself to building a house for the widow after noticing the dilapidated conditions she lived in at her shanty. Her neighbor gladly accepted the kind gesture that she was offering.

The house is now completed and Nkatha’s widowed neighbor is living comfortably in it. Ms. Nkatha says she will still continue going to church each Sunday, adding that she will cease making monetary donations to the church.

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