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Six things that need to be done urgently to tame rogue matatus and trucks

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One of the latest in the unfortunate piling list of road accidents occurred in the outskirts of Kericho Town. It involved a truck and a probox. Six people died.

Nearly a month earlier, 11 students from Kenyatta University died when the bus they were traveling in was involved in a road accident with a truck. Almost a month earlier, ten people had died after a matatu they were traveling in lost control and crashed at the Katangi area in Machakos County.

Well, these cases are proof of the rising incidents whose huge fatalities involve matatus and trucks. These two types of vehicles have left many people wondering if there is anything that can be done to tame them.

It is noticeable that a while back drivers of these two categories were asked to sit their written tests in exchange for driver’s license. The majority failed the tests while their counterparts threatened to go on strike if the tests were not stopped.

Is there anything that can be done? Mohammed Hersi, a Kenya hotelier made recommendations in what can be done. Here is what Mr. Hersi, who is also a tourism and governance enthusiast shared:

Matatus and Trucks don’t give a hoot when system is broken. While driving from Kilifi I recently observed a truck without a single tail light or break light while the matatu was not any better. 1 or 2 days crackdown won’t help .

In the past we could say it’s hard to do fix these things in Africa but Michuki managed to fix PSV’s and in Rwanda police don’t even bother to chase you around. Speed camera do most of the work and the punishment is painful.


1). Detain such unroadworthy vehicles for 30 , 60 or 90 days . The truck and mataus owners will suddenly show up and behave. They must feel the pain in the pocket.

2). Driver serves 3 or 6 months in jail no option of a fine . Watanyooka .

3). What became of the Saccos ? You get 2 accidents in a row entire sacco used to be suspended. I recall 600 vehicles suspended in Nyahururu. When that happens the Sacco will never allow drunk driver or a known reckless driver (mostly from temporary drivers called squad to get behind the wheel of any if their vehicles) . Michuki was ahead of these guys.

Exited Macharia, Entered Murkomen: Unbothered public transport ministers

4). Cops who wave on unroadworthy vehicle ought to be interdicted.

5). Buses majority tamper with the speed Governor. While I am driving at 90kmh Voi Mombasa a bus headed to Busia zooms past like it’s doing 130kmh how is that allowed to happen. What about the passengers who are silent? You will die like a rat. Speak up and confront such a driver.

Again NTSA should detain such a bus for 30, 60 or 90 days

6. Buses let alone school buses should not be allowed to be on the road past 7pm. What is this madness of driving entire night Mombasa to Malaba or Busia?

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