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Maureen Bandari: How I leveraged social media to grow my beauty company

By Natasha Gamalie

Maureen Bandari, the founder and CEO of Bandari Beauty, home of personalized skin care solutions unveils her remarkable journey from humble beginnings to skincare stardom.

Speaking during the Absa InspireMe conference in Nairobi, the skin care expert revealed that her passion for entrepreneurship ignited during her school days when she delved into Bio-Technology, leading her to later explore the world of the Pharmaceutical Business.

Maureen reveals that she landed her first job as a content creator and blogger. Maureen brings focus to being a disrupter in the cosmetic business and leveraging social media platforms to amplify her impact.

Co-Op post

She mentioned that back when she was sending out products her Instagram followers requested, such as lipsticks, she made the call to formalize this as her business.

The business flourished for about a year and a half until 2019 when Maureen made the decision to quit her job and concentrate on growing her business.

She shared that after gathering up some of her savings she invested that money into developing her branding efforts.


Maureen shared that she gained knowledge from shipping goods from both the USA and the UK. She expressed that when the customers made purchases from her, she aimed to ensure they felt their money’s worth.

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Her goal was to create a special experience for them, making them feel valued and as if they were treating themselves.


She accomplished this by getting a supplier from China to make her really nice packaging with the relevant brand colors and fonts.

Fortunately, this objective was achieved and she managed to skillfully craft the most remarkable shopping bags adorned with motivational notes that elicit smiles on the customer’s face.

Maureen stresses the impact of social media as her shopping bags reach customers who then tag her across various social platforms.

She highlights the strength in offering a unique experience divergent from the market’s norms.

She reaches her turning point and realizes that her business can be achieved through disruption and the power of social media. Maureen switched her main focus to skincare from makeup in 2019.

She honed her consultation skills, setting her skin care business apart from the majority in the industry.

During the COVID-19 period, she relocated to Nairobi, conducting online consultations with clients on issues like acne and eczema. Their collaboration with dermatologists revolutionized the beauty industry.

She was able to purchase skin analysis machines to ease this whole process and put them in her store. She takes pride in analyzing a total of 4,000 women up to date.

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