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Sh. 103,000 KU degree fees balance keeps woman from graduating for 9 years

When Maureen Okode enrolled for a Bachelor of Education (Arts) at Kenyatta University in 2014, she held high hopes of graduating in just four years.

However, fate had other plans, as the 37-year-old woman has had to wait for 9 years to get excited about the prospect of graduation. Okode has very little to show from her educational studies despite completing all units for her KU degree.

Maureen has derailed for the better part of her academic journey. Some of her coursemates have already secured lucrative jobs and started their own businesses, while others pursued further studies.

A Sh. 103,000 fees balance she owes the school is what’s keeping her from getting academic documents and pursuing better job opportunities.

In an exclusive interview with a local media house, Maureen stated that she was raised in a humble background. She has been responsible for funding her education fees and expenses.

“I’ve deferred several times since I’ve been doing it all alone. Imagine since 2014, I finished the units last year. It hasn’t been easy,” she said.

Her graduation ceremony, originally scheduled for July 2022, had to be postponed to December 2023 as she was unable to cover the outstanding fee balance.

Maureen Okode has reached out to family, friends and well-wishers to help her complete campus studies. Her efforts, however, have proved futile.

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“I am at a point where I feel stuck and hopeless, and I’m earnestly seeking assistance from any well-wisher who can extend a helping hand,” she beseeched netizens.

Barely 2 months to December, Maureen remains anxious, waiting for assistance and hoping that her university journey will come to its conclusion at the end of the year.

She believes that having academic credentials will help her secure a stable job and enable her to help others in the long run.

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