Thursday, July 25, 2024

Mawingu connects Taveta Town to affordable Internet

# Mawingu has now connected 26 counties in Kenya, providing more than 15,000 homes and businesses with meaningful Internet. # The firm secured KSh1.12 billion financing in 2023 to support its expansion drive across the country, with the aim to connect 250,000 Kenyan households and businesses in the next five years.

Internet service provider, Mawingu, has announced the expansion of its network to Taveta Town in Taita Taveta County to provide affordable Internet and unlock opportunities for households and businesses.

This brings the number of counties to 26 that the firm has so far connected across the country.

In its initial progress update for 2024, Mawingu’s Chief Executive Officer,

Co-Op post

Mr. Farouk RAMJI says:

“Our expansion into Taveta Town marks another milestone met towards our long-term vision of making meaningful connectivity accessible to more Kenyans. The digital economy in the country is rapidly expanding and we want to support more Kenyans to tap into the knowledge and connections that it provides.”

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Already operational in 26 counties and with more than 15,000 active customers, Mawingu remains committed to connecting towns and urban centres which have not been well served and generally neglected by other providers.

Mr. RAMJI adds:

“We aim to continue providing connectivity access to these areas, which have traditionally not been given primary priority due to the high capital cost and logistical complexities involved in ensuring a stable, reliable, and affordable service. This is in line with our long-term vision of offering meaningful Internet connectivity, at very competitive price points comparative to other service providers, by building sustainable, flexible infrastructure in underserved regions.”


Apart from Mawingu customers getting to access meaningful Internet, the firm is testing fibre in some existing markets, as it seeks to further improve Internet quality in the coming months.

Mr. RAMJI further adds:

“Mawingu’s aim is not to simply drop an Internet cable at someone’s doorstep. We seek to help our customers access new opportunities for work, education, entertainment, and social connections through the power of the Internet. Our company’s mission is driven by this very purpose: Open Opportunities.”

Mawingu seeks to combine wireless and fibre technology, as well as solar power, to distribute low-cost, affordable, and reliable Internet to its customers.

Mr. RAMJI concludes:

“Mawingu remains committed to going the extra mile to truly meet our customers at their connectivity point of need. To this end, we are firmly focused on expediting our mid-term growth strategy of expanding our connectivity to additional counties across Kenya this year.”

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