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Wokabi: Why your Mazda CX-5 diesel overheats and what to do about it

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Mazda CX-5 Overheating: The CX-5 has taken the Kenyan car market by storm. It looks refined, aggressive and sporty all in one cocktail courtesy of Mazda’s Kodo Design that is inspired by flow. It also comes with bold colour choices that make it stand out. In Kenya its available in both Diesel and Petrol variants.

The Diesel variant is powerful and very economical in terms of fuel consumption, thanks to Mazda’s SkyActiv D . It runs on a 4 Cylinder 2200cc SH-VPTS SkyActv D engine.. (SkyActiv is a brand name of an array of technologies and innovations by Mazda that achieve fuel efficiency and try to retain power in engine output). It is arguably one of the most popular cross-over SUVs that we have in the country.

The Diesel CX-5 (KE series) Model code LDA-KE2FW faces an overheating issue that comes as a result of a blown head gasket. The main reason for this is that the stock head gasket that it comes with is weak. This is a global issue with the Diesel CX-5.

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How do I get to know if the head gasket on my diesel CX-5 is failing or has already failed? Here are some of the symptoms:

  1. Rough idle that is caused by reduced effective compression ratio of one or more cylinders.

2.Loss of power.

  1. Engine oil turning milky as a result of mixing with engine coolant.
  2. Loss of coolant. (The coolant levels keep going down)

The Solution to this defect is installing a more robust aftermarket head gasket which is available locally.  You need to keenly observe your Diesel powered CX-5 since if it overheats to extreme levels, you will have to replace the entire engine.

However you can prevent this by changing the head gasket beforehand.

Other issues you are likely to encounter with the diesel powered Mazda CX-5 are associated with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). There is also a remedy for the DPF issue include physical removal, some reprograming on the ECU (doing a DPF delete) and installation of an emulator. The other issue with the diesel powered CX-5 is the failing of the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation mechanism. ( The EGR. This too can be solved by a process similar to that of the DPF) .

The Diesel CX-5 is not a bad vehicle and does not spell all doom. In fact it’s a really good one that combines a rare cocktail of performance and fuel economy. All you need is a technician who understands the vehicle and making sure you fuel using clean diesel.

Mazda CX-5 Overheating: If you need any assistance or have any queries with your Diesel powered Mazda CX-5, feel free to engage with me on my Facebook page, Carnversations With Wokabi.

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