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Mazingira Recyclers: Company making chairs, fencing poles from plastic

The National World Desertification Day celebrated on June 17, 2024, in Doldol, Kenya was graced by top government officials amongst them Environment CS Soipan Tuya and the Laikipia County governor.

As the temperatures kept soaring, participants chugged bottled water and tossed the empties on the ground in search of another. A new partner was on-site showcasing their products; Mazingira Recyclers Limited.

The company, hawk-eyed as ever, teamed up with a young people to collect the discarded bottles. Their efforts caught everyone’s attention, and the youth happily invited people to check out the Mazingira Recyclers stall.

Co-Op post

At the stall, the team showcased samples of seats, stools and both square and round fencing poles, all made from recycled plastic, a rare sight to see. All visitors lined up to touch and test their products, especially the fencing poles.

“Can one use barbed wire or nails on the plastic poles for fencing?” asked the stall visitors.

All questions were answered positively, and many visitors turned clients agreed that a solution to termite attacks and timber pole rots had finally emerged with sturdy plastic.


Another question that frequently cropped up was where to find these products. Two clients, one from Rumuruti and another from Wangige were glad to discover that Mazingira Recyclers stocks their products in these areas.

Those who come from Nanyuki, Nakuru, Isiolo and Nyeri learned they can purchase the plastic accessories at nearby locations. Return trucks provided a practical solution for clients in the coastal regions of Kenya.

Plastic pollution as for long been a menace to the environment through soil contamination, agricultural disruption and habitat degradation. Mazingira Recyclers contribute to environmental conservation efforts by recycling plastics into products like fencing poles.


In Laikipia County, the Maiyanat community leads with innovation and research to combat desertification and address land degradation.

“My ministry has been on the front line in advancing environmental stewardship. Key to the initiatives have been policies, strategies, plans, and on-ground activities aimed at restoring and safeguarding our mother nature from wanton land degradation,” said CS Soipan Tuya.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources’ 2016 land degradation assessment report, approximately 91% of the country faced some form of land degradation.

Of this, 64% were experiencing high degradation, and 27% were experiencing severe degradation. She commended businesses such as Mazingira Recyclers who improve every aspect of life through their contribution to the circular economy.

“In terms of the environment, it results in waste reduction, resource conservation, and climate mitigation. Socially, it improves living standards by cutting pollution and saving money for consumers by creating high-quality, reasonably priced goods. Economically speaking, this lowers expenses, generates jobs, and eliminates the need to search for new raw resources,” she added.

To enquire about Mazingira Recyclers products, send an email to [email protected] or give them a call at +254113941934.

Here are all their locations:

  • Nanyuki Town Yard – Nanyuki-Nyeri Road, 0pp Kirimara Springs Hotel.
  • Nanyuki-Meru Road Yard – 4km from Nanyuki police station, towards Meru.
  • Isiolo Town Yard – Next to Northern Galaxy Hotel.
  • Rumuruti Yard – Rumuruti Town
  • Kiawara Yard – Kiawara Shopping Centre, Nyeri-Nyahururu Road.
  • Maili Nne Yard – Maili Nne Shopping Center, near Nyahururu.
  • Timau Yard – Next to Jikaze Godowns on the Nanyuki-Timau Highway
  • Nairobi Yard – Wangige-Kikuyu Road, opposite Kanyariri Primary School.

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