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Sealana attracts investors as it goes back to the Core Concept of what the Meme Coin should be

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The meme coin sector has blown up in 2024 more than ever before. Major blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, and even Base have seen plenty of new meme-based cryptocurrencies launch and perform exceptionally well.

One of the most recent meme coins to emerge with a presale is Sealana (SEAL), which took a different approach from its competitors.

The New Generation of Meme Coins is Different

The crypto industry is vast and highly competitive. Thousands of projects are trying to attract the attention of market participants and convince them to invest in their coins or tokens. This also includes meme coins, many of which are no longer what a traditional meme coin is imagined to be.

Over the last few months, the crypto industry has seen the rise of meme coins that emerged with some revolutionary technologies, introducing new interoperability concepts, the use of AI, and more. Not to mention that most of them nowadays come with staking, almost as a default feature.

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While these technological advancements will likely positively impact the crypto industry in the long term, and their addition is a welcome sight, it leads to the question of why these projects were introduced as meme coins.

They could do well on their own as regular cryptos, but the fact that meme coins are thriving right now influenced the decision to introduce them. At the same time, this distances the projects from the definition of a meme coin, which was supposed to be there for fun and comedy.

The original Dogecoin, for example, has no special features or utilities. It has changed very little in the past decade and has not introduced new technologies. Instead, it survived and thrived because it focused on humor—something universal and long-lasting, as technology tends to lose popularity once it is upgraded or replaced.

As a result, meme coins that were only popular due to advanced or new technology will likely share a similar fate.

Sealana Brings the True Meme Coin

Humor is the core concept of crypto, and Sealana has returned to it by launching its seal-based token, $SEAL. The project does not promise profits or offer unique new technologies, utilities, or anything other than tokens based on seals instead of dogs.

With dogs dominating the meme coin sector over the past decade, having something new but launched and designed similarly might make it more successful in the long run. Furthermore, Sealana is only at the start of its presale, so there is plenty of time left to join.

So far, the project has raised $277.4k, offering 6,900 SEAL for each SOL deposited into its smart contract. Buying the tokens is easy: either send SOL to a smart contract address listed on the project’s website or use the buying widget on its platform.

Either way, this is a chance to get into SEAL early. With crypto experts such as Jacob Crypto Bury predicting this might be a new 10x presale, it might be worth going after a more straightforward project rather than an overly ambitious one.


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