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Breakdown of former Governor Mike Sonko’s wealth and properties

Mike Sonko’s Wealth: Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko  has built his name as a flashy and generous politician.

He is controversial, and in some circles, he is seen as having single-handedly ruined Nairobi.

But out of his so-called generosity, how much wealth does he own? How extensive are his riches?

Mike Sonko is believed to own a long list of assets, from residential homes in some of Nairobi’s most expensive addresses, to a long list of high-end vehicles.

The former governor is believed to own at least 19 properties, 10 companies and 24 vehicles, in addition to having undisclosed amounts of cash in at least 15 bank accounts.

Among the properties Sonko is believed to own are a residential property in Nyari Estate, Nairobi, a residential property in Mua Hills, Machakos, known as Sonko family A and B, and Casuarina Bar and Restaurant in Buru Buru, Nairobi.

A second entertainment joint, known as Club Wakanda in Westlands, Nairobi, reportedly belongs to his daughter.

A residential house in Buru Buru and another in Greenspan Estate, Nairobi, are also believed to belong to the governor.

Other properties are a beach residential property in Kanamai, Kilifi, named Sonko Family Resort, a hotel in Kilifi known as Salama Maridadi Beach Hotel and Club Volume in Shanzu, Kilifi, which sits on an acre, and an acre of land next to it.

Others are two plots in Kwale, a corner plot next to Equity Bank, Kimeramera Hotel, a 2.5-acre beach plot, a maisonette at Diani in Kwale and a house in Nyayo Estate, Embakasi, Nairobi.

For his transactions, the governor operates 15 accounts in at least five local banks.

The 10 companies he is believed to own are registered under various names, including Sonko Rescue Team, Sesame Investment Limited, Prudoli Investment, Primix Enterprises and Nairobi City County Senator Office.

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Also registered are Metropolitan Star Lite Ltd, Marbir Media Limited, Cyprus Holdings, Ceceka Limited and U&I Greenwich Co Ltd.

His list of vehicles is an assortment of high-end juggernauts, fire engines, buses and saloon cars.

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