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Minicheps: My Lessons From Starting Sh1m Fashion Business that Has Not Made Profits Yet

Catherine Jepkemboi, alias Minicheps, is a name known to many due to her creativity in visualizing photographs.

What is not known to many is that she runs a fashion company that operates under the name Minicheps Collection, dealing in tailor-made clothes.

Her passion for fashion inspired her to start the business, which was officially launched in July 2022. Minichep also wanted to solve the challenge of delay she had encountered multiple times with tailors.

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“I would take my fabric to tailors, and they would tell me to go back after two weeks, only to find they had not even started. Some also mess up, and the outcome looks starkly different from the design.” She said in an interview.

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She admitted that running a business is sometimes challenging, adding that the Minichep collection, which she started with Sh1 million, is yet to break even.


Sometimes she is forced to rely on her other sources of income to finance the business, which she plans to expand to other parts of the country.

While the Fashion business is lucrative Minichep revealed that it is seasonal, reiterating the need for patience and passion to succeed in the venture.

“Fashion is a seasonal business, and we launched right before the elections. Many people were hoarding money and spending only on necessities. December is our most profitable month.” She added.


She advised anyone intending to start a business not to invest all their money in it.

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