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Mnyama: Truck’s wide load that has left Kenyans in awe

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Over the past few weeks, Kenyans have been left in awe by a truck and trailer that is transporting a wide load towards the Malaba border.

The truck, now popularly dubbed as ‘Mnyama’ has attracted a huge following with Kenyans falling themselves to take videos and pictures as it navigates through towns and villages.

The wide load is easily recognizable as a huge boat. It is secured on a three-axel lowbed trailer. The trailer is being pulled by the famous Mercedes Benz Actros 3340, which is indicated as belonging to a company known as Sifa Investments.

The 3340 comes with 12,800cc, 400 horsepower and 2100Nm of torque, gross vehicle weight of 33,000kg, double diff, 18-speed (9*2 high and low) semi-automatic (comes with a clutch).

In parts of the country, some Kenyans have been so awes to the point of cleaning up to go take photos with the truck, trailer, and the wide road.

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In the Western region, the truck’s driver who has been identified as Charles was given a hero’s welcome and treated to a sumptuous lunch by excited locals as a show of appreciation for his skills.

“I have been waiting to see ‘Mnyama’ for hours since I heard that the truck will be passing through Kanduyi. This truck has trended across Kenya’s social media space and I also wanted to be part of the people who witnessed it live!” said one Kenyan who identified as Eliya Muteyo.

“Mnyama has really united Kenyans. You would think there’s a famous politician or president passing by!”

The truck started its journey in Mombasa. It diverted through Kibwezi to Kitui and Thika. The truck then proceeded towards Nyeri, Nyahururu, Nakuru, Bungoma, Kitale.

With a humongous load, the truck was accorded a longer route that did not have overpasses, leave for the Syongila overpass in Kitui County.

A spot check by Bizna Kenya revealed that this was not the first time that Sifa Investments and the truck hauling the wide load are undertaking this type of job.

The truck has been spotted multiple times hauling over-dimensional loads between Kenya and Uganda and within the country.

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